Presentation panel Metropol

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Screen system in 5 designs:

  1. Perforated steel element, for magnetic use, extremely versatile for displays.
  2. Whiteboard steel element, magnetic, also for use with boardmarkers.
  3. Wooden element, an elegant partition / screen, sound absorbing.
  4. Frosted acrylic element, a translucent partition / screen.
  5. Acoustic element, noise protection, sound absorbing partition / screen approved. In accordance to DIN ISO 354 and ISO 11654.

These elements can be placed linearly or angled (45°, 90°, 135°) and extended in your desired combination. Either on a fixed base or mobile with the optional castors.

Screen dimensions: W 800 x H 1750 mm

Width of complete screen and columns W + 55 mm.

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