Desks adjustable in height from 680 to 720 mm with horizontal cable support. Possibility to create angled workstations by assembling connecting desk tops.

Euro-Monitor-Desk: Desks, specially designed with additional space for monitors.

Container 600-mm deep are lockable and provided with supply drawer. Drawers are smoothly lead on wheel device with blocking device.

Container 800-mm deep to offer most storage. With supply drawer, cylindric lock and blocking drawing device. The drawers are smoothly lead on wheel device and the metal-made inner components of drawers grant for durability.

Cabinets, lockable:   Both designs are available with double doors as usually but as well with sliding doors. Both are compatibel to each other. Thus, setting up your cabinets you may take both the double-door cabinets and sliding-door cabinets. Elements are stackable up to a height of 2300 mm (6 levels).  All elements at 1000-mm width to offer more storage (usually only 800 mm). Owing to their steel-made shelves instead of wooden-made particular steadiness is provided for.


1. Desk supports: always in aluminium silver, top desks in light beech or in light grey.

2. Cabinets: either aluminium silver in connection with fronts in light beech or completely in light grey.

3. Container: either completely in light beech or completely in light grey.




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