Storage rack Status

Storage rack Status in straight design and impressing by high stability. The single racks grant for a carrying capacity of 750 kg. The carrying capacity per single shelf is 100 – 150 kg. Combinable widths of 1000 and 750 mm meet your individual space requirements. Side supports made of stable rectangle tube in alusilver. Single shelves, colour lightgrey, provided with a 40-mm safety overturning. The shelves are adjustable in height in a screen line distance of 92 mm. Due to this you can adjust the height according to the different sizes of the articles. The system STATUS is available in three heights (1800, 2200, 2600 mm) and four depths (300, 400, 500, 600 mm).

Design: steel
: light grey/aluminium silver

Carrying capacity of shelves:

• Depth 300 and 400 mm = 100 kg each

• Depth 500 and 600 mm = 120 kg each

• With using 1 shelf support = + 30 kg

Total width of combined racks = width quoted + 60 mm

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